Fire sales can help boost sales for your business but should be used in moderation. You don’t ever want to seem as though you are solely a fire sale business. That will turn both current and potential customers off because it will make it appear as though you are only in the business of making a quick sale, not providing quality materials and products for your target market.

You want to maintain your credibility by only offering a fire sale when necessary. Maybe your “necessary” is every month. Maybe, it’s every six months or once a year, and that’s okay. But be sure you are putting your best marketing strategy skills to use. You will have to walk a very thin line between holding beneficial fire sales to secure quick revenue and watching your business go up in flames.

Consider the following examples of how to effectively set your fire sale schedule.

Annual Fire Sales

Once a year, you hold a fire sale on your top-selling products. You may consider both a bundle and an individual product fire sale to offer some variety to your clients.

Semi-Annual Fire Sales

A semi-annual fire sale is held twice a year or every six months. This approach is similar to that of the annual fire sale, and you can generate interest and anticipation as each sale approaches.

Quarterly Fire Sales

Quarterly fire sales are held four times a year, about every 12 weeks or once every three months. You can offer product bundles or individual items for sale.

Monthly Fire Sales

Monthly fire sales are held once every month. A great way to schedule them would be to hold a fire sale every 1st or 15th of the month. This way, your customers come to know what to expect.

No matter how often you hold your fire sales, you may want to consider naming a “topic of the month.” This not only works out well for monthly fire sales but can be helpful for general sales as well. The idea is to offer products relevant to one particular topic each month, which will entice your customers to buy more. This approach lends itself to a variety of bundle opportunities that work perfectly for fire sales as well.

Keep in mind, though, if you choose to host monthly fire sales, be 

sure to switch up your topic focus and offer new and truly unique products as often as possible. You don’t want to run the risk of losing your customers’ interest. You have to keep them intrigued at all times and let them know you are committed to sharing with them as much as possible.

Only you can decide how often to hold a fire sale. Carefully consider your target market and your current customer base to determine just how beneficial a fire sale will be and how often it is necessary to hold one. They can be a great tool and a fast way to earn money.